CeX Contact Number

For the moment being, we do not know of a phone number for CeX – you can however email them at wecare@webuy.com to discuss used games and hardware.

CeX, is a popular retail outlet in the UK dealing in second-hand goods. They were initially known as Computer Exchage, because earlier in the life of the company, they mainly dealt with computers. Soon, they expanded to include other forms of entertainment items including phones, gaming consoles and accessories, film & TV, DVDs and music. Because of the all inclusive scope of their business, they now renamed themselves as CeX or the Complete Entertainment Exchange. There are currently over 320 stores in the UK alone and a few more stores abroad in the US, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal and Australia.

If you have any questions regarding the company itself or the services and products that they offer, then you can send them your enquiries by filling in the contact form here: https://uk.webuy.com/support/

This is their primary means of communicating with their customers. You can choose from among 6 possible enquiry types:

  • Order Cancellation or Address Change
  • Enquiry on Online Orders
  • Enquiry on Prices and Availability of Stock
  • Enquiry on Store Purchases
  • Feedback and Comments
  • Press or Media Enquiries

If you prefer to talk to a CeX employee, then you can visit one of their stores nationwide. You can use their local CeX shope locator here: https://uk.webuy.com/stores/index.php

There currently is no CeX contact number for you to call, so you need to utilize the email contact form above for enquiries. If you’d rather read up on their FAQs and Help articles, then you can proceed here: https://uk.webuy.com/support/ 

Choose one of the three choices, namely, Selling an item to CeX, Buying an item from CeX or Store Specific Help.

You can also connect with them via social media at the following:

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in franchising, then you can use this Franchising Application form found here: https://uk.webuy.com/franchising/